Mestská hra Viliamov únos

Explore Bratislava in a slightly different way. Take your family, friends, or colleagues on a trip through the old streets. Collaborate in solving a variety of interactive tasks. In the city's alleyways, you'll measure, examine, and explore. You'll learn many interesting things about notoriously known places but also discover completely new corners of Bratislava. Dive into the story of the disappearance of the young student Viliam. Was Viliam just an ordinary student, or was there more to him? Try to find out what happened. Try to track down where Viliam is.

Where is the game located?

After telephone reservation of the date at Beblavého Street No. 10

The game is available for persons over 15 years of age. Otherwise, such underage person must be accompanied by an adult and assumes full responsibility for the underage person.

There is no need to force open, break open or damage anything. In the event of apparent intentional damage to the equipment, we as the organiser are entitled to recover the full amount of the damage. Each player agrees to play the game and move about the town at their own risk.


Cena: 59,24 €